A service for live streaming events
behind a secure paywall

ORA is an interactive live streaming platform that allows you to connect directly with your audience in a secure monetised space.

Designed with podcasters, bands, influencers, fitness and wellness practioners, make-up artists, djs, curators and other professionals in mind, ORA lets you focus on creating and sharing your unique knowledge and content, not to be worrying about technicalities.

Stream to your audience instantly

Global Content Delivery

It doesn't matter where your audience is in the world, our network can deliver the content in a fast and reliable way using our global content delivery network.

No Upfront Costs

No upfront costs or hidden fees. We charge a small fixed fee per ticket mutually agreed before you start promoting your event.

High Production Quality

ORA's team have over 20 years broadcast experience, so you can be assured your show will be visually slick with perfect audio. You will be assigned a dedicated online producer who will be on call for you for the entirety of your event.

Stream Together

Using our software you can broacast with anyone, anywhere in the world and create unique content together.

Instant Sales Stats

Our revenue dashboard is simple and easy to use. After setting the ticket price, keep track of revenue, and track sales and profit in real time.

On Demand Viewing

Worried your fans might miss out after paying? ORA's on demand service means your show can be accessed by ticket holders soon after the live stream finishes.


Please contact us to get a price for your event; we charge a small fee per ticket sold and there is no financial commitment on your side.

We pride ourselves on being as flexible as possible with your event, so we can build an event experience around your brand and viewership.

Get in touch

We build bespoke events with our clients and their brand in mind whilst keeping the price as low as possible. Contact us and let's plan our next event together!

ORA: It's your vision; we do the visuals